Canyon tour

On the edge of the Icelandic highlands lies a spectacular canyon accessible only by specially equipped vehicles.

Down in the lowlands the fresh-water river Stóra-Laxá is perhaps better known for its salmon fishing but way above sea-level there is a different story to be told. Over thousands of years the river has carved the ancient volcanic tuff, forming an extraordinary spectacle.

The great landscape of the canyon

Spectacular view.

On the way up to where the canyon lies, the massive glacial river Hvítá with its unforgiving grayish color, along with stories of Iceland’s most renowned outlaw are examples of the numerous interesting sights to be seen and stories to be heard. The beautiful Tungufellsdalur valley with its lavish vegetation can be a heartwarming sight but only ten minutes later the harsh desert-like highlands make you wonder how people lived in this barren land.

Once reaching the final destination one can enjoy a short hike to fully embrace the moment. The canyon reaches a depth of up to 200 meters (650 feet) and the view is absolutely astonishing. With amazingly picturesque rock formations there is always something new to grasp. Whether it is trolls turned to stone or a seemingly bottomless crevice filled with crystal clear water, this location is a true favorite. If conditions are good it is actually possible to hike down into the canyon to get an up close and personal connection with the powerful stream and the magical rock walls hovering above. Be shore to bring your camera and good shoes.

Departure from Flúðir, every day at 10:00.

Duration 4 – 5 hours.

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