Gjáin and Háifoss

  Driving through Iceland’s longest river-valley, the   glacial river Þjórsá with the notorious Hekla volcano   looming above is a magical experience. On this tour   we follow Fossá, a spring-water river emerging from   the Icelandic highlands. Pursuing off-road trails, our   massive trucks take us to various locations.

  The peaceful and unique Hjálparfoss is a   photographer’s delight. The waterfall is split in two   with a beautiful pond in front. Surrounded by   marvelous rock formations the area can be quite   inspiring.  

Higher up the river there are two neighboring waterfalls, Háifoss and Granni. Háifoss, with its 122 meter (400 feet) drop is Iceland’s second highest waterfall. Standing above the huge gorge that the waterfalls have carved is simply breathtaking.

Although concentrating on these three waterfalls, this trip also gives passengers a chance to explore the contrast of Iceland’s diverse nature, the lush Þjórsárdalur Valley and the barren, rocky highlands above.


 Gjáin is a short ravine valley, a short distance from the ruins of   the ancient farm to   Stöng in Tjórsárdalur. There is a footpath.   Rauðá falls into two main waterfalls at the   heart of Gjánni and   flows into Fossá opposite Reykholt. The larger waterfall is called     Gjárfoss. Clear springs of reefs in Gjánni, rocky and verdant   vegetation, such as   mosses, grasses, willows, heather, heather   and birch, with happy bird life in summer.   The Gjáin is considered   to be the most peaceful and most beautiful places of     Þjórsárdalur. 

Remember to bring

Useful information

  • Your camera
  • warm outdoor clothing
  • waterproof jacket and pants
  • headwear
  • gloves 
  • good shoes.
  • Duration: 5 – 6 hours.From Flúðir
  • Season: All seasons
  • Up to 6 passengers
  • Minimum 2 persons


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